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Our influence marketing platform allows you to find the ideal creators for your campaign …

Filters search

Finding influencers on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram has never been easier. Just use the filters available on our influence marketing platform such as the number of subscribers, views, country, language, audience by country… And many more !

Audience-based search

You want to find influencers whose audience is receptive to specific keywords ?  Fill in the interests of your target from the category, then enter your keywords. You will obtain in a reliable and fast way, the list of influencers whose audience is directly interested by your subject..

Experts search

It’s important for you to find the best influencers to talk about your brand ? The process is the same as for our audience-based search but here we are looking for an influencer who speaks directly about your subject and who is relevant thanks to his expertise on it. Select the list of experts influencers that will securely carry your message to your target.


Wizdeo Analytics collects data on …

Our influencer marketing platform, Wizdeo Analytics, is one of the founding members of the YouTube Measurement Program, allowing you to get certified and usable data on the audience of creators to ensure the success of your campaign.


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